GoStream is one of the most popular streaming sites ever made and even though it has been online for many years and has been through so much problems along this time, GoStream somehow succeeded to pass them and today it is a very trusted streaming platform, visited by millions of users every month who come on this website to watch movies and series online for free in HD quality without registration. When you access GoStream, it is easy to notice the fact that the team behind this website worked hard in order to create this masterpiece and put all the things together to keep this website alive for so many years and provide one of the biggest databases of movies and series for free.

We are currently living in an era where not so many free streaming sites do still exists because the giants like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or HBO with their paid streaming platforms conquer everything. It may be hard to understand this if you are living in a rich country, but we've found out there are still hundreds of thousands of people who can't afford to pay every month an expensive subscription just to watch a few movies and series. In addition, there is the fact that you may not find everything you like just on one platform like Netflix and you may need to pay for another account, for example, on Hulu for a specific tv show. This is absurd and that's why are are fighting to keep the free streaming sites like GoStream alive because it's stupid to pay for 5 different streaming platforms when you can find all the content for free on GoStream.

Here at GoStream we are veterans of the free online streaming and we want to assure you that GoStream will remain forever online and free so everyone can enjoy their favorite movies and series for free, without being necessary to pay expensive subscriptions. We are fighting for the free streaming industry and we hope more people will join us so we can keep watching entertainment without paying a single penny.

If you are living in a country where the streaming of online movies is prohibited by the law, you can still access GoStream by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is offered for free by some providers very often. This VPN will make your browsing history completely private from the eyes of the government and you can enjoy any kind of content like movies and series for free and you won't have any problems. Also, install AdBlock for a more smooth experience, this browser extension won't let the advertising to bother you.